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NetMondo – Web Hosting Perfection! NetMondo is one of Globes leading providers of hosting services, offering solutions that include web hosting, domain name registration and reseller solutions. Our innovative services are designed to bring a feature-rich and professional hosting standard within reach of personal users and SME's.

We have proven ourselves to both the Internet industry and the business community, while providing top support to the thousands of companies, personal users and business partners who use our services. We help our customers achieve their goals by giving them the services they need to exploit the power of Internet technology.

NetMondo's RE-Launch
NetMondo is one of the Internet's lowest cost providers. Owner Francesca Smith has over 20 years of UNIX/Hosting experience and her dedicated approach allows NetMondo to concentrate on reining in administration costs and allows NetMondo to offer customers great dependability and very low cost. It was this strong understanding of customer needs that helped create a relevant service portfolio that has proved to be a linchpin in NetMondo's' success.

NetMondo Now
Today, NetMondo has the infrastructure, skills and customer loyalty that sets us apart in the Internet industry. We have become an important link in the value chains of many of our customers.

NetMondo's Location / Staff
We are headquartered in Baltimore, with data centers located in Maryland, Texas and Indiana. Our staff consists of highly trained technicians and top of the line support personnel. If a problem arises in any of our data centers, it is normally fixed with 5-10 minutes.

Keeping services running smoothly are a highly-skilled, experienced and accredited team of systems professionals that monitor our operations 24/7/365. At the same time, we have the software experts in-house to enhance our services with innovative features at short notice, as new customer requirements are defined.

NetMondo's Pricing (How can we be so affordable?)
NetMondo has a resilient business model and - as a private company - we are generally less affected by the vagaries of stock market dips. We operate at a profit, generating income from real customers, enabling us to sustain a program of regular investment in products, services, infrastructure and support.

Crucially, we have a tight control of costs. This means we have been able to avoid expensive software licensing costs - and so we can operate on a very low 'cost to serve' business model. This enables us to maintain extremely competitive market prices and helps contribute to a high level of customer loyalty.

NetMondo's Customers
With every NetMondo account, customers enjoy 100 per cent control over their web server settings. They can change them instantly and as many times as they like, using either the HSphere or CPanel Control Panel. They don't need to call us, face delays or pay administration charges.

Anyone with web-surfing experience should find the Control Panel easy to use. They don't need any special technical expertise. But if they want help, we're available 24/7 by email or support panel.

NetMondo provides specific packages for small and medium-sized enterprise, business customers, home users and resellers, each service with customizable features.

The NetMondo point of difference
Key factors set NetMondo apart in the Internet marketplace:

  • Enabling our customers to self-manage their services is central to the NetMondo brand. The HSphere or CPanel Control Panel puts them in charge. They can manage domains, create databases and set up email accounts online.
  • Our services are offered at extremely competitive market prices. This is possible because we have a tight control on costs and we employ our own technical talent in-house.
  • Customer care is given top priority and has been key to our success. You can speak to us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
It's the customer experience that matters most to us. This was our focus at the beginning - and it's the factor that will continue to make the NetMondo the 'provider of choice' in the Internet marketplace.
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