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Domains offers one of the most complete reselling solutions available today. Our reseller package provides you with a completely branded hosting solution. For as little as $20.99/month, you create a completely branded virtual hosting company with all of the following features included:

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Completely branded virtual hosting solution

Our reseller solution actually provides you with a completely branded virtual hosting company. You setup your own plans (charging whatever fee you want), you get a completely branded control panel for your customers to manage their accounts with. See control panel for a list of all of the different features supported through the control panel. Put links right on your site to let visitors sign up for hosting with a completely automated setup process. You don't have to do anything except caching the checks. See below for details of the plans that you offer. See below for details on additional features included with this plan:

Your Customers

The first thing to understand is that the accounts you resell are your customers. We do not contact them directly. They do not see our name or logo in any of the services offered. As far as they are concerned, their site will be running on your servers. You will get your own name servers, control panel, plans, billing and ticketing system. You will simply resell resources from our servers.

Plans & Billing System

With your reseller plan, you will be able to resell our services. Most of these resources are free, but we do charge for some of them such as traffic, disk space, SQL Server Miva Merchant and others. You create your own plans for your customers however, and you charge whatever you want for those plans. By simply charging more than we are charging you for these resources, you can easily make a profit on ever aspect of the services that we offer. If one of your customers signs up for a MySQL DB for example, you will be charged $2.50/month. By simply charging $5/month in your plan (as we do), you will make a profit on this service.

The reseller package also includes a complete billing system which makes keeping track of your customers, how much they should be charged based on the services that they are making use of.

Support Ticketing System

Your reseller package also provides you access to a full featured ticketing system to let you and your customers track all support issues that arise. Tickets can be assigned to one or more support technicians. Keep track of ticket threads. Automatically log into your customer's account to work through a problem if they've submitted the ticket from within their control panel. Provide one, web based interface to manage all of your support issues, accessible from anywhere in the world with web access.

Automated Setup Process

Special links provided through the control panel allow you to put signup links for your plans right on your web site. Visitors to your site will be able to signup and get online right through your web site without you having to be involved at all. It's completely automated, leaving you to simply cash the checks.

Setup & Training

We spend as much time as necessary to train all of our new resellers on all of the powerful aspects of the reseller control panel. This will empower you to setup your virtual hosting company as you need. We will help you to setup your plans so that you can maximize your profits on all of the services that we offer.

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